Patchouli Essential Oil
Patchouli Essential Oil
Patchouli Essential Oil
Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli Essential Oil

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Hey there, earthy-scent enthusiasts! 🍂 Dive deep into the mesmerizing aromas of Indonesian forests with our Patchouli Essential Oil. If you're seeking that exotic, grounding vibe to uplift your mood anytime, anywhere, this is your aromatic treasure.

Soothing | Heart-Centering | Sensual

Are you a fan of exotic, soulful aromas? Then meet Patchouli, your next aromatic best friend. Often playfully called the "hippy oil", its musky, sweet, and spicy notes are like a comforting embrace for your senses. With its deep earthy tones, it's no wonder it's a favorite in the world of aromatherapy for relaxation.

A few blending buddies for our Patchouli include Lavender, Bergamot, Orange, Geranium, Black Pepper, Clary Sage, and the ever-resonant Frankincense Essential Oil.

Unearth the magic of Patchouli:

🍂 For Your Skin:  Always blend before you apply! Mix it with a carrier oil and a dash of geranium essential oil. It's perfect for a nurturing massage, especially on cracked or dry skin patches.

🍂 For Your Mind: Team it up with our Mood Boost Diffuser! Merge 6-10 drops of Patchouli with Lavender Essential Oil. The result? A dreamy, stress-melting ambiance.

🍂 For Your Soul:  Take a whiff straight from the bottle before penning down your thoughts in a journal. Its grounding touch might just inspire soul-deep reflections.

Immerse in the tranquility of our 100% pure essential oils. They're here to wash away life's chaos, revitalize your spirit, and offer a serene oasis for your mind. When ready for a skin treat, blend 2-3 drops in 10ml of your chosen carrier oil. Enjoy your aromatic journey! 🍂🌸Latin Name, Pogostemon Cablin
100% Pure & Natural


Safety. Never use undiluted on skin, store in a cool dry place away from children and animals. Do not use in pregnancy or if breast feeding.

The healing described is not to be considered as a substitue for conventional medicine. If you have a serious health issue please consult a healthcare professional for advice

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a dreamer and creator with a passion for all things earthy — plants, flowers, crystals and people.

Growing up with my grandad’s allotment, I developed a love and understanding of the power of nature. As I got older, I continued to use plant extracts like lavender to soothe my dancing feet, and eventually, to heal my own children’s bumps and bruises.

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