Meet the founder



When I’m blending Mood Oils, I start with an individual in mind. How are they feeling, where are they, and where do they want to be? Do I want to take someone from a busy office to a tranquil forest? Or perhaps from their home to an Ibizan mountain? That’s where the journey begins.

Then comes the science-y bit. Which therapeutic benefits does this blend need? Will it promote a feeling of energy, or calm? Is it enlivening or sedative? From there, I use my aromatherapy expertise to concoct an oil with the ability to enhance your mood.

Once the formula is planned, I do everything in my power to source the best natural ingredients and plant extracts, from travelling to visit growers across the world, to feeling the earth our ingredients are planted in. The root of our oils is the root of our business, after all.

All of these things come together and are carefully chosen bit by bit until the blend is just right.

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