Here’s my Story

from mood to mission

Welcome to a space where wellness is deeply personal, just like my journey. Once grappling with early mumhood and many mental health challenges, I found solace and a new beginning in the subtle yet powerful world of aromatherapy. It was more than just discovering scents; it was about embracing a slower, more mindful pace of life. As time went on I introduced wellbeing into my world wherever I could, and as my mood improved I knew I had to find a way to share this with others. In the heart of Covid, I started crafting aromatherapy blends to help make people's mood lighter, calmer, easier and in August 2021 I was finally ready to share with the world my easy aromatherapy blends to help you make your mood, your way.

Mood is all about embracing more – more of the essential oils that sparked my healing, more love that I found along this path, and more of what makes you uniquely you. Who says you have to follow strict wellness rules to "get it right"? Your wellbeing practice should resonate with your story and fit seamlessly into your life. Wellness can be joyful and adaptable, not a chore.

Imagine immersing yourself in a crystal bath, feeling the tranquility as you scatter your favorite oils, and taking those deep, transformative breaths. It's all about what feels right for you. Let's explore this journey together, one where your wellbeing takes center stage, and every step is an act of self-love. Welcome to a world where you are free to discover what truly makes you feel whole and at peace.


Effortless Wellbeing, Ethically Crafted

When I created Mood Oils I knew it had to be a space where wellness is uncomplicated and ethical. I'm all about no-fuss, high-impact wellbeing. approach? Simple: make it easy, make it pure, and make it matter.

Our products are a testament to the power of plants. Every item is ethically sourced, and cruelty-free. We're not about testing on animals or compromising on our values. We believe in kindness – to your skin, to animals, and to the planet.

Meet our Daily Mood Oils: the heart of our collection. Each one is a blend of pure essential oils, nothing else. No synthetic fragrances, no weird chemicals. Just nature’s best, bottled. They're straightforward, effective, and a breeze to use. It's wellness that fits right into your daily grind, no hassle involved.

At Mood Oils, we’re redefining wellness. It's cool, it's clear, it's kind. Join us in making wellbeing effortless and ethical.



Hello there! I'm a soul in love with the universe and a bit of woo. My love affair with nature began in the magical space of my grandad’s allotment, a place where I could be calm in the cycle of growing and learning.

Although, I'm not just a nature enthusiast; I'm a lunar lover and a sunset seeker, I live for life's beauty. My life is a journey of freedom hunting & mood making.

Each day is a new chapter in my story, written with wellness at the heart. I love nothing more than connecting, calming, healing and growing.

Make Your Mood