Mood Meditation: Gratitude

Mood Meditation: Gratitude

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"Getting into a daily gratitude practice has been so healthy for my mind & soul.  Even in the darkest days, a little bit of gratitude journalling can really help me restore & reset.  But when I don't have the focus for writing - gratitude meditation is my go to..."

This free 15 minute meditation is made for you to enjoy a mindful reflection on all the amazing gifts you are already in possession of.  Guided by Rachael, you will have a think on all the wonders in your life, thanking everything from your family to your body.

Simply lay back, close you eyes and enjoy this 15 minute gratitude practice.

  • This Mood Meditation is a digital download, which will be sent to you after checkout (don't worry - it's free, no credit card required!)
  • Mood Meditation: Gratitude lasts 15 minutes.
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