15 Minute Gratitude Meditation

15 Minute Gratitude Meditation

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Hey there, gratitude seekers! 🌟 Ever felt the heartwarming embrace of daily gratitude? It's like a cozy blanket for the soul, even on the chilliest days. When penning down thanks in a journal feels a tad overwhelming, diving into a "gratitude meditation" becomes my heartwarming escape.

Ready for a little journey of appreciation? 🌼 Dive into this 15-minute meditation, crafted to help you bask in the richness of life's blessings. Let Rachael's soothing voice guide you as you cherish everything - from the warm hugs of your family to the strength in every beat of your heart.

All set? Just find a comfy spot, close those eyes, and let gratitude wash over you during this 15-minute retreat.

Just hit download and embark on your gratitude meditation journey whenever you want.

Duration: A sweet 15 minutes of thankfulness. 🙏🌸

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