Mood Boosting Lavender & Sage Jumbo Smudge Stick

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Mood Boosting Lavender & Sage Jumbo Smudge Stick 🌿💜

Elevate your living space with the harmonious blend of lavender and white sage, and embrace the power of woo-woo traditions to purify and enhance your surroundings. This smudge stick is not just any tool—it's an experience!

Why choose our Mood Boosting Smudge Stick?

  • Purity at its Best: By burning our smudge stick, you're connecting with herbs in their most authentic and purest form, an age-old ritual introduced by the Indians to bridge the gap with the spirit world.

  • A Potent Duo: While white sage works its magic to cleanse away negative energy and odors, lavender steps in to infuse your space with tranquility. Together, they're a force of peace, focus, and positivity.

  • Embrace the Elements: Using a fireproof dish or a seashell for burning heightens your ritual. By doing so, you engage with the four elements—air (smoke), earth (herbs), fire (combustion), and water (shell)—deepening the experience and strengthening the connection.


  • Size: A generous 22 cm in length.
  • Contents: Thoughtfully bundled sage and lavender sprigs. They can be burned together or separately, offering flexibility to your rituals.

Scents to Savor:

  • White Sage: Its robust and spicy aroma might take a moment to grow on you, but its purifying qualities are immediate.

  • Lavender: Beloved by many for its delightful fragrance, lavender is a potent relaxant. It's especially helpful in the evenings, promoting a sound night's sleep.

How to Use:

  1. Place the smudge stick on a fireproof dish or shell.
  2. Light the twigs, and once aflame, gently blow it out to allow the herbs to smolder.
  3. Distribute the fragrant smoke throughout your space. For a traditional touch, use a feather to fan the smoke in the age-old Indian style.

So, embrace the aromatic allure of our Mood Boosting Lavender & Sage Jumbo Smudge Stick and let its calming energies elevate your space and spirit! 🌸🔥💨

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