Crystals for Protection: Into the Wild Kit
Crystals for Protection: Into the Wild Kit
Crystals for Protection: Into the Wild Kit
Crystals for Protection: Into the Wild Kit

Crystals for Protection: Into the Wild Kit

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Hello, brave soul! 🌟 Are you seeking a shield of protection, a boost of strength, and the grounding touch of Mother Earth? Let our curated collection of crystals for protection envelop you in their empowering embrace.


Dive into our crystal kit for healing, specially curated with 4 authentic crystals that'll be your trusty companions, giving you strength in every step and grounding in every breath.

Neatly tucked in our 'Mood' pouch, each kit comes with a detailed information card, making it an enchanting treat for yourself or a magical gift for a fellow crystal enthusiast.

Welcoming the Into the Wild Crystal Kit:

🐅 TIGER EYE: Not just a pretty stone! Tiger Eye empowers you with courage and confidence. Renowned as one of the top crystals for grounding, it also helps in shielding you from negativity, especially during challenging times.
🌿 MOSS AGATE: With its earthy appearance, Moss Agate heals, rejuvenates, and connects you deeply to nature. Known as a guardian stone, it boosts immunity and keeps you protected.
🌚 BLACK TOURMALINE:  This powerful stone absorbs negativity, ensuring you're protected and rooted, making you feel safe and supported.
🔮 CLEAR QUARTZ:  An essential addition to every crystal kit for strength, it magnifies the energies of the other crystals, sharpening your focus and clarifying your thoughts and emotions.

Plus, a handy card to navigate through the energies of the Into the Wild Crystal Kit!


Pick 2-3 crystals from the Into the Wild Kit and let their vibes uplift and shield you. Embark on a deeper journey by setting heartfelt intentions, be it shielding yourself from negativity, standing tall in adversity, or staying authentic.

To add an aromatic touch, consider anointing your crystals with Pine or Cedarwood Essential Oil. A drop on each, and watch the magic unfold in your practice.


To truly connect and feel the energies, hold a crystal in each hand during meditation. Feel their strength, protection, and grounding embrace. Let's journey Into the Wild together! 🌲💎 

Please note this information is for guidance only and is not intended to be used as medical advice, please seek help from your GP in any health situation.

Please note your product may vary in colour, size and shape as all items are 100% naturally obtained.

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