Crystals for Happiness: Ibiza Days Kit
Crystals for Happiness: Ibiza Days Kit
Crystals for Happiness: Ibiza Days Kit
Crystals for Happiness: Ibiza Days Kit

Crystals for Happiness: Ibiza Days Kit

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Hey there, sunshine! ☀️ Looking for a burst of positivity, happiness, and a sprinkle of serenity? Dive into our carefully curated collection of crystals for happiness, designed to fill your days with radiant energy and peaceful moments.


Welcome to our cheerful crystal kit for anxiety and balance, packed with 5 authentic stones that will be your best buddies in manifesting positivity and joy.

Neatly presented in a 'Mood' pouch with an enlightening information card, this kit is a delightful treat for yourself or a sparkling gift for another gem in your life.

Introducing the Ibiza Days Crystal Kit:

🌞 SUNSTONE: Just like a sunny day, this stone is all about uplifting vibes, brightening up gloomy moods, and standing tall in radiant energy.
🌊 SODALITE:  Think of it as your 'Stone of Peace'. Its calming blue hue reminds you of the tranquil ocean, bringing waves of peace and calming chaos.
🌙 MOONSTONE: The dreamy stone that offers balance, emotional harmony, and nurtures your aspirations.
🔥 CARNELIAN:  Bursting with fiery energy, this radiant stone is a beacon of positivity, motivation, and zest for life.
🔮 CLEAR QUARTZ: A must-have in any crystal kit for positivity, it magnifies the energies of other crystals, offering clarity to your emotions and thoughts.

Plus, a handy card to navigate through the energies of the Ibiza Days Crystal Kit!


Pick 2-3 crystals from the Ibiza Days Kit and keep them close. Feel their energies work in harmony to brighten your day. Want to deepen the connection? Set heartwarming intentions with them. Whether it's finding work-life balance, seeking happiness in little moments, or pursuing new dreams, these stones are here to support you.

For an extra burst of energy, anoint your stones with essential oils like Orange, Neroli, and Clary Sage. A drop on each crystal before your practice can do wonders!


Embrace happiness! During meditation, clutch a crystal in each hand and feel the positivity radiate through you. Here's to happy, shiny days ahead! 🌈💎 

Please note this information is for guidance only and is not intended to be used as medical advice, please seek help from your GP in any health situation.

Please note your product may vary in colour, size and shape as all items are 100% naturally obtained.

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