Ibiza Days Crystal kit
Ibiza Days Crystal kit
Ibiza Days Crystal kit
Ibiza Days Crystal kit

Ibiza Days Crystal kit

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A collection of healing crystals curated to bring you happy vibes, peaceful thoughts, meditative moments and a positive outlook.


This crystal kit for happiness, positivity and balance contains 5 authentic crystals for you to have and hold close.  

The crystal kit comes presented in a Mood pouch with information card, perfect for self gifting or as a gift to a fellow stone lover.

The Ibiza Days Crystal Kit includes:

  • SUNSTONE: Sunstone is a beautiful stone of summery moods, enjoyment of life, bringing light to dark moods and is thought to shower the owner to stand in warmer energy
  • SODALITE: Sodalite is often referred to as 'The Stone of Peace', it has an incredible blue colouring reminiscent of the ocean and brings with it a sense of peace and calm, helping the owner bring order and calm to the mind
  • MOONSTONE: Moonstone has a soothing energy for bringing balance, calm and emotional stability.  It's thought to help encourage, nurture and support your dreams.
  • CARNELIAN: Carnelian is an incredibly happy stone, full of energetic vibes and a deep orange warmth.  It is thought to promote positivity, motivation and energy.
  • CLEAR QUARTZ: The stone of focus, clarity and amplification.  Clear Quartz is a wonderful addition to any crystal kit as it amplifies the energy of the other crystals, your thoughts and works to help you gain clarity on your emotions, thoughts and mood.
  • A small information card about the Ibiza Days Crystal Kit.



Simply choose 2-3 crystals from the Ibiza Days Crystal Kit to carry with you throughout the day.

If you would like to take your crystal practice further then you can set intentions with these crystals for a specific purpose.  The Ibiza Days Kit could be set with any of the following intentions:

"to help remain calm and positive in work situations'
"to find balance and happy times in the day"
"to gain peace of mind to pursue another dream or direction"

You can look to anoint your crystals with essential oils to further amplify the intentions, the ideal essential oils to use with the Ibiza Days Crystal kit is Orange Essential Oil, Neroli Essential Oil and Clary Sage Essential Oil.  Simply anoint each stone with a drop of your chosen oil before using them in your practice.


For super happy vibes, hold a crystal in each hand when meditating.


Please note this information is for guidance only and is not intended to be used as medical advice, please seek help from your GP in any health situation.

Please note your product may vary in colour, size and shape as all items are 100% naturally obtained.

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