Crystals for Love: Gr-Attitude Kit
Crystals for Love: Gr-Attitude Kit
Crystals for Love: Gr-Attitude Kit
Crystals for Love: Gr-Attitude Kit
Crystals for Love: Gr-Attitude Kit

Crystals for Love: Gr-Attitude Kit

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Hey lovely soul! 💖 Ready to usher in heartwarming vibes and amplify the energies of love and gratitude in your life? Dive into our curated collection of crystals for love that aim to open your heart, anchor your emotions, and set love blossoming in every corner of your life.


Welcome to our crystal kit for love, designed with authentic heartwarming crystals, waiting to be your companions. Each stone holds a special energy, and together, they create a symphony of love and compassion.

Gifted in a cozy 'Mood' pouch with an insightful information card, this kit is a perfect treat for yourself or a thoughtful gesture for another crystal enthusiast in your life.

Here's what the Gr-Attitude Crystal Kit encompasses:

🌹 ROSE QUARTZ HEART:  Truly the stone of love, rose quartz exudes love in all its forms. Whether you're fostering self-love, cherishing love for others, or feeling cherished, this stone has your heart!

💜 AMETHYST: Your calming buddy, especially if you sometimes feel the weight of worries. Let it soothe anxiety and melt away stress.

🔴 RED JASPER: Rooted deep with the Earth, this stone is all about grounding and nurturing your soul.

💗 RHODONITE: Wear your heart on your sleeve with Rhodonite! It clears past hurts, fosters compassion, and opens the heart wide.

🔮 CLEAR QUARTZ: Think of this as the amplifier in your crystal kit for gratitude practice. It not only intensifies the energies of other crystals but also clarifies your emotions and thoughts.

Plus, a handy card about the Gr-Attitude Crystal Kit to deepen your understanding!


Pick 2-3 crystals from the kit and keep them close. Feel their energy as they accompany you throughout your day. If you're looking to deepen your connection, set intentions with them. Whether it's healing heart wounds, inviting peaceful love, or grounding emotions, these stones are here for you.

And a pro tip? Enhance their vibes with essential oils like Rose, Patchouli, and Lavender. Just a drop on each stone can amplify your intentions during your practice.


During meditation, grasp a crystal in each hand for a grounding and healing session. Dive deep and feel the magic unfold! 💎🌸


Please note this information is for guidance only and is not intended to be used as medical advice, please seek help from your GP in any health situation.

Please note your product may vary in colour, size and shape as all items are 100% naturally obtained.

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