Good Vibes Gathering

Good Vibes Gathering

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Welcome to the Good Vibes Gathering: A Joyful Journey into 2024!

🎉 Kickstart Your Year with Positivity and Purpose!

As the new year unfolds, it's time to gather your energy, set your intentions, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and joy. Join us for a vibrant two-hour online workshop that promises not just insight, but a heap of fun!

What's in Store for You:

Reflective Revelry: Dive into the past year with a playful twist. Share your triumphs, learn from the bumps, and celebrate it all. It's about embracing where you've been to illuminate where you're going.

Dream Designing: What does your ideal 2024 look like? Through creative activities, we'll sketch out not just goals, but pathways to a year sprinkled with joy and wellbeing.

Wellbeing Wonders: Discover simple, yet powerful, daily practices to boost your wellbeing. These aren't just tips – they're tiny transformations for your everyday life.

Joyful Jamboree: Engage in interactive, feel-good activities that will have you connecting, laughing, and maybe even dancing! This is your space to let loose and have fun.

Why You Should Join:

Connect with Like-Minded Souls: You're not alone on this journey. Share experiences, forge friendships, and join a community that cheers each other on.

Guidance: Led by Rachael, A Mental Health First Aider and Passionate Joy Seeker, you're in skilled hands.

Take-Home Toolkit: Leave with a personalized toolkit of strategies and inspirations to keep the good vibes rolling all year long.


📅 Date: New Years Day
⏰ Time: 2pm - 4pm-ish 
📍 Location: Your Sofa
💰 Fee: Totally Free

🌟 Spaces are limited – this intimate setting ensures a personal and impactful experience for all.

Ready to ride the wave of positivity into 2024? Secure your spot at the Good Vibes Gathering today and make this your most joyful year yet!

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