Mood Meditation: Walking Zen

Mood Meditation: Walking Zen

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"Walking is my Zen, I take a walk every day with my dog and it soothes my soul every single time.  I tune out the anxieties and turn up the present moment - it's my go to selfcare" - Rachael

Take some time to walk away from stress, walk away from worries and soothe your soul with our free walking meditation.

Made for mindful moments outdoors, simply plug in your headphones, get your shoes on and take a conscious walk guided by Rachael.  There is nothing required of you, just listen and allow the mind to relax.

  • This Mood Meditation is a digital download, which will be sent to you after checkout (don't worry - it's free, no credit card required!)
  • Mood Meditation: Walking Zen lasts 15 minutes.


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