Newspaper image of a bottle of aromatherapy fragrance in a christmas gift guide

It's Christmas Gift Guide time! And we are delighted that our Gr-Attitude Mood Oils featured on the top 48 Christmas Gifts for Her guide.  We know our Gr-Attitude Daily Mood Oil is a brilliant gift for her any time of year and we are thrilled to have it on that super festive gift list of wonderful gifts.

Our Gr-Attitude Oil is a floral mix of Rose, Patchouli and Frankincense Essential oils and is ideal for helping her relax, ground and reset her thinking.  Like a lovely walk through a rose lined wood this aromatherapy blend is perfect as a natural perfume, as a hand oil, nail oil or even a hair oil.  Subtle, feminine and totally heaven - its the perfect gift of love.  Gorgeously packaged the bottle makes for a gorgeous single stem vase post use!  

And it goes without saying that it makes the perfect aromatherapy gift any time of year!