Why I love Essential Oils at Christmas

Christmas Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

It would be an understatement to say I love essential oils but essential oils at Christmas time are something else entirely.   Here are our favourite essential oils to use at Christmas time and ideas on how to give your home a natural festive scent all season long.

Essential Oils are packed with wonderfully natural chemicals, taken directly from the plant meaning they not only smell incredible but are also thought to have therapeutic properties such as helping us sleep, improving our mood, relaxing us and even helping to combat colds and coughs.  So when it comes to Christmas time they can be used to bring glorious scent into the home and help keep our spirits high and calm!  The perfect Christmas combo.

Our top 5 Essential Oils at Christmas Time


No Christmas would be complete without Frankincense Essential Oil.  According to scripture Frankincense was a gift given to Jesus at his birth - a tribute to how well regarded this resinous oil has been throughout the ages and why this beautiful gift of an oil makes it on our Christmas list.  Frankincense remains one of my favourite essential oils and is earthy & sweet in fragrance and incredible at comforting and grounding in times that are stressful or chaotic.  Equally it creates a glorious atmosphere in any home and if you're ready to welcome guests throughout the festive season it certainly offers a comforting and warm scent when added to an aromatherapy diffuser.  Pair with Orange Essential Oil for a wonderfully festive feel to any home.

Sweet Orange

The most beautifully warm essential oil, perfect for Christmas time.  That familiar citrus scent so reminiscent of Christmas puddings and mince pies is the perfect essential oil to help make your home smell like Christmas.  Not only does the scent evoke lovely warm Christmas feelings but its also a great oil for keeping spirits high, soothing emotions and lifting the mood of those around it.  Add to an aromatherapy diffuser to welcome guests into your orange-scented happy home this Christmas.

Clove Essential Oil

Spice and all things nice!  Christmas food is always full of those familiar spices  that add warmth without heat and we love Clove for that very reason.  It's invigorating and perfect for reducing fatigue (when wrapping all those pressies), but excels at giving warmth and festive body to Christmas fragrances.  This is also why it makes our Festive Diffuser Blend so very christmassy - the Clove essential oil adds a distinctly spicy, warm note to the blend.  Add to aromatherapy diffusers or to clay decorations for a festive touch.

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Christmas is the season for Cinnamon Essential Oil!  We see those cinnamon scented candles in every shop, cafe's start sprinkling cinnamon onto cream toppings, - why?  Similar to Clove, Cinnamon offers that warm spicy and happy scent which is perfect for Christmas.  It offers comfort, seasonality and spice to fragrance and in essential oil form it also has the ability to reduce anxiety - which with the many social events surrounding this festive time is always helpful!  Add Cinnamon essential oil to dried flower arrangements and the tips of your Christmas tree for added festive oomph this year.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Understandably, we are all familiar with the scents or orange, clove and cinnamon at Christmas time - however Peppermint will always make my Christmas essential oil list.  It sings of Candy Canes, icy winds and peppermint buttercream frosting.  Peppermint essential oil has a scent which is undeniably fresh and spirited and has the ability to invigorate the senses, waken the mind, and best of all - it can soothe a headache post Christmas drinks!  Combine it with fir needle essential oil and orange essential oil for a fresh Christmas tree like scent!

The Best Christmas Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

To keep the natural Christmas fragrance in your home - why not try an aromatherapy diffuser?  An aromatherapy diffuser is perfect for creating a natural fragrance in your home; these diffusers use cold water tanks to which you add your essential oils and when switched on they create a naturally scented mist that fills your room.  You can find our ceramic aromatherapy diffusers here

I've thought long and hard about this list!  I love a natural home Christmas fragrance and I find essential oils are a great way to fragrance your home naturally and with so many wonderful festive oils you can use the options are endless.  So to help you make your home smell like Christmas grab your aromatherapy diffuser and essential oils & try out these lovely natural home fragrances blends.  

The Best Christmas Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

Festive Feels
2D of Orange Essential Oil | 2D of Fir Oil or Pine | 2D of Cinnamon Essential Oil
Traditional Christmas
3D of Orange Essential Oil | 2D of Clove Oil | 1D of Cinnamon Essential Oil
Light & Spicy
2D of Cinnamon Essential Oil | 2D of Lemon | 2D of Bergamot Essential Oil
Christmas Tree
2D of Fir Oil or Pine  | 2D of Cypress Essential Oil | 1D of Cedarwood Essential Oil
Frosty Morning
3D of Peppermint Essential Oil | 3D of Orange Essential Oil