What is an Aromatherapy Diffuser? (and why you should be using one)

Aromatherapy Diffuser with essential oils and candles at home

Let's talk straight - aromatherapy diffusers...what are they?

The hero of natural scent... That's what they are to me!  Whilst similar to oil burners they use electricity rather than a flame to disperse essential oils into the air providing natural home fragrance for you to enjoy.

You simply add your chosen essential oils (either your own blend or a pre blend, no judgement here people!) into the water tank,  switch it on and voila...off it bubbles.  Ultrasonic vibrations jiggle the water, releasing a stream of mist into the air carrying those pearls of plant power with it.

So - they're electric, they require water and then they mist your room with moisture and essential oils..bliss.  Most of them have a little light that turns on as well to create a lovely ambience - genius!

Now I'm a mega fan of aromatherapy diffusers, get a good one (like ours!) and they not only add a touch of style to your home with the bonus of natural fragrance but they also create the perfect self care moment.

Wherever your mood is at you can choose an essential oil blend to complement - feeling the need for a little chill, throw in some Lavender Oil... Need some help focussing - try Rosemary Essential Oil and for that morning uplift - try Orange Oil and Peppermint!

And that's the beauty of an aromatherapy diffuser - you get all the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils, all the natural fragrance and all the style in one hit..self care goals...Done!

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