5 Essential Oils to Supercharge Your Sleep

Lavender Essential Oil with an aromatherapy diffuser

Diffuser Blends for Sleep? Essential Oils for Sleep?

Possibly the most regularly asked questions of my aromatherapy knowledge -  because let's face it we are in an era of investing in rest.  Sleepcare really is the new selfcare and more and more of us are turning away from the phones and opting for natural ways to invest in rest.

And essential oils are a perfect way to jump on the sleep enhancing wagon!

Let's take a look at our Top 5 favourite oils for sleep..

Lavender Essential Oil - The One You Knew about

It is the essential oil we all associate with sleep and rest, it's most often found in sleepy sounding bath oils, bedtime lotions and pillow sprays.  And that's because everything we know about the oil suggests it helps calm our nerves, our heart rate and emotional system - which is what we really need for those Zzzs to kick in.

  • Try a few drops on your pillow to aid that slumber
  • Diffuse lavender essential oil as you try some sleep enhancing yoga
  • Supercharge your soak with a bath oil containing Lavender Oil to help your mind and body settle

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil - More than a tea!

It's true a good cup of Chamomile Tea can help settle the body and mind before bed and so it is no wonder that roman chamomile essential oil is on the sleepy oils list!  Like lavender it's thought to help to calm the nervous system and blood pressure which is great for sleep needs.

  • Combine with lavender essential oil in a bedroom diffuser for sleepy vibes
  • Look for a facial oil containing chamomile essential oil as part of your nightly skin regime to help calm both the skin and the senses
  • Try a chamomile scented candle for some sleepy ambience

Jasmine Essential Oil - Who knew?

This is literally our favourite oil for sleep (and we are working away on a few ideas to work this into our sleepcare range).  Decadent, rich and sweet it's also linked with reducing our tensions - it can help meditative vibes and is a hero of calm.

  • There are many luxury diffuser blends for sleep out there which are perfect for your diffuser that combine jasmine in the right amount with other sleep essentials oil - treat yourself and invest in some rest!
  • It's notorious for making great incense - try lighting a Jasmine Joss stick whilst indulging in your nightly soak for a little bit of heavy duty sleep work!

Patchouli Essential Oil- Mystic nights await...

It's the hippy happy vibes of Patchouli that make it a great sleep friend.  It's associated with increasing our happy vibes by increasing our serotonin which in turn helps us feel more at ease, more relaxed and more able to sleep.  It's also known for its sensual libido increasing vibes.....wink wink...

Cedarwood Essential Oil - The Sedative amongst the oils

Another resinous, woody, sleep helper.  This one is particularly good for those nights filled with insomnia.  It is thought to be an anti inflammatory so particularly good for helping the body relax (bye bye restless legs) and feel at ease contributing to the sleep your body craves.  Now we love Cedarwood but we love it best in a blend...

  • Try a Cedarwood based massage oil to help the muscles warm up and wind down into a restful sleep state
  • Try spraying a Cedarwood oil room spray to help fill your room with woody vibes perfect for helping your sleep

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