How to use Essential Oils safely around Pets!

Woman with dog talking about essential oils

Just to be straight - I’m not talking about using Essential Oils on our fur babies - just diffusing around them! Which as you know is my favourite thing to do EVER but as the owner of a dog and two cats I make sure I’m super sensible when it comes to how I diffuse essential oils around pets.

Firstly - there are a lot of horror stories out there about using essential oils around animals and whilst I’m yet to experience anything like those stories I do take a lot of care; but most of all try to remember that like us all animals are different and may respond differently to other animals so caution is key!

Here are a few pointers

🌸 Keep essential oils stored safely so there is no risk of ingestion

🌸 If you’ve covered yourself in an essential oil be mindful of those doggy licks - you don’t want it going straight into their little furry bods

🌸 If you are diffusing essential oils around pets - make sure its not a small space, can be ventilated and the door is left open so they can leave!

🌸 Avoid diffusing essential oils when you have small kittens and puppies - just like with babies, its always worth avoiding in the first few months!

🌸 Like with children - consider using a lower amount of essential oils in the diffuser around pets

🌸 Start slow when using essential oils in the diffuser for the first time around pets so you can introduce slowly, keeping an eye on your furry friends and observe any change in behaviour

⭐️ If you are concerned always speak to a vet before using essential oils in a diffuser!

🐶The Extra bit….🐈

There are some essential oils to avoid using around pets due to the level of phenols aren’t suitable for use around cats & dogs like these ⬇️

Essential Oils to avoid with Pets

🌱 Cinnamon
🌱 Wintergreen
🌱 Citrus
🌱 Peppermint
🌱 Pine
🌱 Birch
🌱 Ylang Ylang
🌱 Thyme
🌱 Clove
🌱 Garlic

Now - as I say - we are all different and so are our pets…there may be essential oils that whilst on a ’safe’ list just don’t get on with your furry friend and likewise if you’re applying common sense and not making your cat drink Lemon oil then citrus oils in low quantity in a well ventilated room may also be okay. Only you know your pet, take it slow, be sensible and always talk to your vet.

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