How to Enjoy your Essential Oils this Year

A woman blending essential oils

You lust after them. Buy them. Love them for a week. Then forget about them?

I’m so guilty of this - I fall in love with self care trends aallll the time and I live it for a while then forget about it because you know - I’m off chasing the next shiny trend…

If you’re like me then I urge you to reconnect with your essential oils… by USING them again - maybe fall in love with them all over again…

Here’s a few ways to reconnect with your essential oils…

🌸FIND them - and bring them back together, invest in a nice storage box to keep them safe and looking amazing in your space. You’ll be more inclined to use them if you know where they are and they’re readily available

🌸 If you haven’t got an aromatherapy diffuser go grab one (Check ours out here!). It’s a great way of making your home smell naturally gorgeous and gives your home a boost of wellbeing at the same time.

🌸 Try a new aromatherapy hack - lemon oil down the sink? Lavender on your pillow? Peppermint on your gym hoody? Rosemary oil on a bookmark

🌸 Grab a cuppa and go through our old posts and find a new aromatherapy oil blend to try! Or get CREATiVe and try your own with what oils you have at home

🌸 SNIFF them…. Yep. Just take the kids off and smell the AMAZING plant goodness and remind your brain just how good they are

🌸 Buy an essential oil that you haven’t tried before - go wild and try a scent you don’t know….

🌸 Find a new tip for an essential oil you already LOVE - just DM me for ideas

🌸 Make something!!! How about making your own essential oil bath salts or a room spray

So go ahead - fall back in love with your oils, and DM me for any more oil specific ideas!

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