Good Essential Oils for Headaches

Good Essential Oils for Headaches

Good Essential Oils for Headaches

When it comes to headaches - I’m your gal! I’m unfortunately way too familiar with them. Ever since I had my babies, headaches seem to happily pay me a visit most weeks, triggered by anything from stress to sleep deprivation; even taking medication gives me a blinder of a headache and if my hormones are playing up, well, I’m reliably in migraine territory!

But this is important to know, because headaches are both a problem and a symptom - so we may have a heavy day of stress (the problem) and the headache becomes a symptom of our stress but… is also it’s own painful problem! FUN! And that’s where a holistic approach, a good selfcare regime and using good essential oils for headaches can be super handy!

Disclaimer…. As always, please seek medical advice from your GP if you suffer with headaches, looking to this as supportive information and not a diagnosis or formal treatment of your health! I am a qualified aromatherapist and use essential oils for all parts of the mind, body and soul as part of a whole approach to life!

Anyhoo…. On to the bit you’re all really here for - what are some good essential oils for a headache!

Helping The Problem

Headaches can be triggered by many things and so are often a symptom but let’s be honest the bit you want to know first is what are the good essential oils for helping relieve the discomfort of a headache.

1: Peppermint Essential Oil

My first go-to here essential oil for a headache has to be peppermint essential oil. The cooling properties play a role in mixing up how we receive pain - which basically means - it’s super cool (get it) at pain relief. When your head is full of tension, ache and stress I don’t think there’s anything nicer than a few drops of peppermint on a damp cool flannel placed on the back of the neck….

However, Using essential oils directly on the skin is not advised, but honestly when it comes to pain topical use is usually best so let’s get diluting that peppermint essential oil in a carrier oil and applying it to temples & the back of the neck. If you know your skin and feel confident adding 2 drops of peppermint essential oil to a damp flannel and placing on the back of the neck… well that’s your call… but it is my go way to use this Pepperminty good essential oil for a headache

2: Eucalyptus  Oil

Eucalyptus Essential Oil has many anti inflammatory components and is often used in topical analgesics for pain.  It's clearing and invigorating scent also goes some way to help reduce the cloudy mind that can often come with a headache.  Again, this is not an essential oil that can be used directly on the skin so try adding a few drops to your shower well and allowing the scented steam to help reduce the inflammation in your head and nasal passages.

3: Lavender Essential Oil

The most commonly used essential oil for pain relief and an oil that should be in your home first aid kit - it is an essential oil that can be used directly on the skin and it’s believed it may help reduce inflammation & pain.  So yes - it makes a very good essential oil for a headache!

Very simply, massage a drop of essential oil into the temples to help soothe the headache pain.

4: Rosemary Essential Oil

My heroine of essential oils is rosemary - another delightfully strong scented, green essential oil that has anti inflammatory components and is often used to support coughs and colds, but happens to also be good for muscle relaxation and pain relief - try using it in the DIY Aromatherapy Blend for Headaches recipe below!

5: Morning Vibe Daily Aromatherapy Mood Oil

And if you really want to know what makes a good essential oil for a headache then look no further… our Morning Vibe Daily Mood Oil has hidden super powers in supporting pain relief, stress relief and headache relief. Aaaaannd it smells incred as well as being easy to use - and it’s good for both preventing headaches and supporting them. A round of applause for this product if you please….

It’s got some fruity levels in there to help stress and depression stay away, as well as Rosemary essential oil, lavender, and peppermint….. which if you’ve got this far - you know are all good essential oils for a headache!

Simply add a few drops into your palms - rub together and press to the forehead, back of neck and temples.

Buy Morning Vibe Daily Aromatherapy Mood Oil here

DIY: Aromatherapy Blend for Headaches

If you suffer from headaches regularly and want to try making your own blend,  then try this recipe below:

  • 10ml Roller Bottle
  • 10ml Carrier Oil such as Almond or Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • 2 Drops of Peppermint Essential Oil
  • 2 Drops of Lavender Essential Oil
  • 1 Drop Rosemary Essential Oil
  • 1 Drop of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Helping The Symptom (a bit of headache prevention please!)

Your headache may be brought on by stress, hormones, sleep deprivation, too much sugar, bad lighting, lack of fresh air, overwhelm, monthly cycles, toothache, body tension….. the list goes on…. If you know what your trigger is - then use it as a starting point to help prevent your own headache by preventing the cause!

This is where a good self care regime comes in…Masking sure you get enough of the following is a great way to start preventing the many problems that cause headaches..

  • Drinking enough water
  • Getting fresh air every day
  • Yoga or regular stretching
  • Meditation
  • Journalling
  • Tracking your monthly cycle
  • Regular exercise
  • A good sleep routine
  • Prioritising tasks or focussing on the one thing you need to do that day ( read the book The One Thing…it’s gold dust)
  • Eating close to source - fresh fruit, veg, lean proteins, whole grains…

And I know it’s all easier said than done but start small. I’m a big believer in habit changes - read the book Atomic Habits for some insane life changing habit forming techniques! Even just starting with one small glass of fresh water with your coffee will soon become many glasses of water a day before you know it! And 1 minute of mediation will soon become 10 once it’s a habit!

And as for the essential oils, stock up on this basic kit: Orange Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil & Clary Sage. These are all amazing essential oils for stress, positivity, pain relief & hormones. Here’s a few way to use these good essential oils for headache prevention & support.

  • Diffuse Orange Essential Oil to support a positive mood, and to keep anxiety at bay
  • Keep Peppermint Essential Oil on the desk for “cooling” the mind, just a small smell from the bottle can help calm the mind and cool the chaos of monkey mind!
  • Use Lavender Essential Oil on pillows and in the diffuser to promote good sleep, relaxation and relieve anxiety
  • Create a roller blend of Clary Sage & Lavender Essential Oil for rolling onto the stomach and/or pulse points during times of monthly cycle turbulence

And if you're looking for essential oils then do try our Essential Oil Starter Superhero Trio to kick off your collection! Buy it here