Eucalyptus Shower Anyone?

Eucalyptus Shower Anyone?

The Eucalyptus Shower.

What is it? What does it do? How do I do it?

Showers are such a big part of making my mood for the day.  I was adamant that when we moved house we would have an ensuite that would feel like a tiny sanctuary..and sure, it's not big but it's perfect.  Because for me, a morning shower is the mood maker, it's the moment to take stock, visualise my day ahead and have a tiny moment to myself (I also write my goals in the steam!)  It's 100% the one area of my life I like to upgrade...nice shower oils, fluffy towels, and a lot of steam.

So it makes perfect sense to level that shower up with all the benefits of Eucalyptus Oil!

Eucalyptus is an incredibly gorgeous scented leaf stem, the fragrance is invigorating but the real bonus is that the compounds within Eucalyptus Oil are thought to help reduce congestion, support clear airways and suppress that cough.  Which is why if you think back to most of the steam rooms you've frequented they smell of eucalyptus oil!  And it's these components that make eucalyptus in the shower such an amazing start to the day...

So how can we harness the power of eucalyptus in the shower? Well a eucalyptus shower can be done with or without branches so it's entirely up to you...

Option 1 - The Eucalyptus Shower - The Stem Version

Using fresh eucalyptus, 3-12 stems, tie the ends tightly together with string to create a bouquet and hang within your shower cubicle.  Preferably away from the direct water stream.  You want the steam to release the eucalyptus vapour, not drench the bunch!  This eucalyptus shower looks fantastic and the natural scent released is all day round with an extra breathe easy moment during the shower. Hang until the stems are no longer releasing a scent which is usually around 3 weeks.

Option 2 - The Eucalyptus Shower - The Non Stem Version

In a very handy way, Eucalyptus Essential Oil is an incredible way to get the power of an eucalyptus shower without the floral hanging.  Simply add 6-7 drops of eucalyptus essential oil into the shower well and allow the steam to take the invigorating vapour into the air.  Simply step into the shower and take some deep, settling breaths ready to set your day up.

The overall benefit of the Eucalyptus Shower...

Not only is it incredible to add some gorgeous scent to your shower, Eucalyptus Showers have a whole host of added benefits.  As mentioned earlier, the compounds found in Eucalyptus are thought to support the respiratory system by reducing congestion, suppressing coughs and clearing the airways.  But on top of this, Eucalyptus essential oil is also thought to help reduce anxiety, which for me is the perfect start to the day.  When I'm in the shower I'm gearing up for the energy of the day and that can sometimes trigger all my anxieties so having something that helps reduce that before it even begins - is amazing.

So, when are you going to get going with your Eucalyptus Shower?

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