Essential Oils for Manifesting

Essential Oils for Manifesting

I LOVE a bit of manifesting, add in some essential oils and I’m all in on that FUN.  I’ll be honest manifesting is a really great tool for me - I can be quite unfocussed at times and I get a lot of clarity from setting manifesting goals...not to mention I’ve had some pretty good outcomes to date (but I’ll leave that for another blog!)

If you’re new to the idea of manifesting your dreams, it is (in short) the idea that if we want something in our world, we can ask the universe for it and then we'll receive it.  Although it's not all that simple, it's a much lengthier process of goal setting, visualisation, gratitude, focus and taking action, BUT in all those areas we can use essential oils to amplify the process.

Why is it a good idea to use essential oils for manifesting? 

Scent: If you are trying to manifest a goal, we need to get our subconscious on board and there’s nothing quite as powerful as scent to talk to our inner mind which is why essential oils are a great tool to amplify your manifestation practice.

High Vibrations: Because essential oils are natural they are thought to vibrate on a high frequency – and surrounding ourselves with high vibrational energy is the key to raising our own vibration - super important when you’re trying to bring in the good manifestation goals! Get that diffuser on people. 

Good Feels: We need to feel positive and centred when manifesting, imagine setting a goal with a whole load of negative thoughts…exactly – it ain’t gonna happen.  So, reach for the essential oils that give you confidence, energy and positivity to keep your manifesting goal in sight.

By now, I’m sure you’ll want to know which essential oils are best for manifesting your goal….Well, in my humble opinion here are the oils you’ll want to have in your manifesting tool box.

The Best Essential Oils for Manifesting

  • Clary Sage
  • Neroli
  • Rosemary
  • Rose

Get Clarity with Clary Sage Essential Oil

The first step in manifesting your goals is to identify what you want and get really clear about it – for example are you looking for a particular job that offers a set working pattern or certain salary? A dream house with a clear set of must haves? Or a partner who brings certain qualities with them?

Whatever the goal – clarity is key and the perfect essential oil to help you with this is Clary Sage.  In the aromatherapy world Clary Sage is used to induce feelings of calm, balance and relaxation meaning it’s great for turning down our monkey minds so we can get clear on our manifesting goals.  Another reason it makes a great essential oil for manifesting is that in the magical world, Clary Sage is long associated with ‘vision’ and our third eye.  It is believed, that Clary Sage can support us to work with our self, inner dreams and creativity which is perfect for working out what we truly want to manifest.

TRY: Add Clary Sage essential oil to a diffuser before you sit down to write your manifestation goals to gain extra insight and clarity into what you really want to manifest.  And for supercharged clarity keep some Clear Quartz crystal nearby while you work on your “want” list.

 Attract Abundance with Neroli Essential Oil

Once you know what you want to manifest, it’s time to start “bringing the image to life”.  You imagine you already have what you want and feel the feelings as if it were real, then act in gratitude and joy in your daily life.  This last part is all about moving onto a higher vibration because apparently the universe responds better to happier vibes – I get that, I really do!

In order to help you get on that high vibration, it’s time to call in the happy and abundant essential oils – the citrus oils!  These essential oils are thought to bring in a powerful frequency of abundance and are long believed to be the higher vibration essential oils, which is what makes them so good at raising our own energies and happiness.  And of these citrus essential oils, Neroli, is thought to be a super high vibration oil and is therefore a great essential oil for manifesting – particularly if your goals are aligned with prosperity and abundance.  It’s definitely an oil that likes to bring in the good vibes, in aromatherapy we use it to bring joy, lift energy, support calm, promote connection which make it a great essential oil for manifesting.

TRY: Neroli is a precious oil so use it intentionally. Try anointing a written goal with a drop of Neroli essential oil or using in an essential oil for manifesting roller-blend that can be applied during visualisation work.  FYI.  Gr-Attitude Daily Mood Oil also contains Neroli so this could be your go to oil for manifesting.

Take Action with Rosemary Essential Oil

Now we have our mind thinking and feeling joyous about our goal it’s time to start doing the things that will help the goal come to light – this may be decluttering your house ready to sell it, dealing with debt, joining a dating app etc.

And 100%, if you are prone to procrastination then you need Rosemary Essential Oil, it is the best essential oil for focus and mental clarity, it’s used for energising the mind, supporting the memory and helping the mind focus on a task in hand.  So, when you are looking to spur yourself into action then rosemary essential oil is the oil you need.  In spiritual settings rosemary is used for getting rid of negative energy which is exactly what you need when you are manifesting.  You need that rosemary to keep those negative thoughts and self-doubt at bay, keep that vibration high people!

TRY: Try adding a few drops of rosemary essential oil in your diffuser as you get to work on your manifesting ‘To-Do” list, or if you have a notebook – dot rosemary essential oil on the inside of the page so that you stay focussed on your manifesting action plan. 

Practice Self Love with Rose Essential Oil

We have to feel worthy to manifest what we want.  If we don’t feel we deserve what we want, then we are apparently blocking it from happening.  So this is the time to shift those limiting beliefs, to unpick those subconscious thoughts that tell us we are not good enough or don’t deserve something.  In short, it’s time to show yourself some love…

And for showing yourself and your dreams some love, it’s time to break out the Rose Oil.  This exquisite (read: expensive) essential oil is good for raising our love vibration.  Rose Oil is thought to help balance the heart chakra and support self positivity.  It’s also used in aromatherapy to release stress and anxiety which is so important in facing our shadows and stepping forwards. 

TRY: If you are using meditation or visualisation then rose is a great essential oil to use in your manifesting practice.  Simply add 1 drop to the centre of your chest on the heart chakra before you begin your affirmations, your self-love visualisation work or gratitude list. You could even add a drop to an image of what your heart truly desires. 

Using essential oils to manifest love, money or success. 

If you’re wanting to amplify your practice even further then consider these essential oils for manifesting money, love and success.

Essential Oils for Manifesting Money

Frankincense and myrrh are tied in scripture to gold, making them the perfect essential oils to use for manifesting money.  They have long been associated with worth, riches and are considered precious oils. 

TRY: Write yourself a cheque from the universe (there’s templates out there!) and anoint it with your oil.  Or you could try burning frankincense resin during a visualisation process of diffuse a blend of frankincense and myrrh essential oils.

Essential Oils for Manifesting Love

If you are trying to manifest your dream partner or enhance your current relationship then you’ll want to consider these essential oils for love; rose, jasmine, neroli or patchouli essential oil.  These are all essential oils that are known to support the heart chakra, promote intimacy, self love and romance. 

TRY: Make yourself a “love” blend by adding a few drops of your chosen essential oil (or a blend) in a rollerball bottle filled with carrier oil.  Wear it as your perfume to support your vision for love vision and to keep your heart open.

Essential Oils for Manifesting a New Job

We need clarity, focus and action for this manifestation so call on clary sage, rosemary, lemon and ginger.  These are great essential oils for taking action on your goals.  They are all focus finders and help us move forwards from mental fatigue and negativity. 

TRY: Diffuse a blend of rosemary and lemon whilst you work on your CV and create a rollerball blend of these essential oils for your interviews. 

One final tip to use essential oils for manifesting

To get those essential oils talking to our subconscious we need to programme a scent and keep using it in our manifestation practice so that when we associate the smell with a vision we can trigger it whenever we want. 

For example, a way I may start manifesting with essential oils is to visualise my goal of writing a book and take a good inhale of Morning Vibe Daily Mood Oil whilst imagining myself signing a book deal, focussing on how I would feel…and then...every time I write my goal down, I inhale the oil again…and so forth.  Until every time I smell the oil, it triggers my visualisation jump starting me into book writing action…

 Extra Extra Tip….Buying a scented candle is another good way to trigger your scent thought patterns, light it every time you are working on your manifestation goal.


Happy Manifesting people, I’d love to hear what tips you use – please feel free to email us at


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