Essential Oils : A Natural Mood Lifter

A bottle of aromatherapy oil for uplift

It's the holy grail of life - Happiness.

For some it's easy, straightforward and in abundance and for the majority of us it's more like a rollercoaster of ups and downs and we are often on the look out for a natural mood lift.

And why not - It's 2022 and we are all here for a bit more selfcare, a little more modern mystic and ways to boost our mood easily, more regularly and naturally.

Enter - Aromatherapy and Essential Oils...Your new best friend & natural mood lifters.  Now, as your guru aromatherapy guide I'd probably say that all essential oils can lift your mood because I find that just giving yourself the time to consciously consider oils for your own health and emotions is an act of self care in itself.  But for the purpose of this blog post - let's look at the essential oils that uplift your mood.

Bergamot Essential Oil

Yep - we don't sell it.  Well not yet anyway! But it's the top oil aromatherapists use when they want to support a mood uplift.  It's commonly the essential oil that is used for depression in the complementary therapy world.  The scent alone is uplifting and there have been tests that have shown bergamot can combat stress.

TOP TIP - Look for a Bergamot Essential Oil Candle and light it in the day to create a happy ambience, the perfect natural mood lift

Orange Essential Oil

Our favourite essential oil for depression, for natural mood lift and for supporting grief.  It's warm, comforting fragrance is long associated with happy vibes and boosting mood. 

TOP TIP - Try in a diffuser with Lavender or Peppermint Essential Oil for uplift and energy

Roman Chamomile

We're talking less about bouncing off the ceiling mood lift here and more mood balance - which we believe is just as important.  If you're feeling out of sorts, emotional overwhelm sometimes the most natural mood lift is to calm, to get perspective and to chill out.  And that's where our good friend Roman Chamomile Essential Oil helps, it's a great essential oil for calming the mind and body.

TOP TIP - Our Ibiza Days Daily Mood Oil is a hedonistic blend of naturally mood lifting essential oils like neroli, ylang ylang and sweet orange oil with roman chamomile thrown in for mediative balancing vibes.  Use as in inhalation oil or natural perfume to balance your day.  Shop yours Here