Diffuse Your Essential Oils without a (traditional) diffuser!

Diffuse Your Essential Oils without a (traditional) diffuser!

When I say traditional diffusers, I'm talking about the ones (we sell!), the diffusers that are usually powered, and have a central water tank to disperse the essential oils into the air..

BUT.... if you're patiently waiting for your (MOOD) aromatherapy diffuser to arrive on Christmas Day or it just isn't your thing, then there are other ways you can diffuse your essential oils...

Here are 3 of my favourite ways to Diffuse your essential oils sans Diffuser. ( also sans faff BTW)


Yep. You can get Wooden Diffusers.  They are sleek solid wood units that give you a simple, BS-free way to diffuse your oils.  There's no water.  No electricity.  No Mess.  Win Win.  They are also for the 100% natural amongst us...not a plastic component in sight.

Simply add your essentials oils onto the wooden diffuser where they will penetrate the wood and gradually release the aromatherapy super power into the air - no matter where you are - because that's the other great thing....they're very very light and portable; so if you can't bear to be without your essential oils on holiday or at the office, simply take the wooden diffuser with you.

They're also pretty cute.  So there's that added extra too.

Ceramic Stone...

Not dissimilar to Wooden Diffusers in principle.  They are no mess, no water, no electricity, portable and natural.  They are usually in lovely little shapes like hanging stars, simple discs, or even aesthetic pebble style arrangements and are designed as home decor pieces and hanging ornaments.  The latter is my fave, I happily hang ceramic diffusers in my wardrobe, on my Christmas tree, on the Easter branch, in the car.....the list goes on.

They are usually small in size and work by releasing the aromatherapy goodness into the air when you add your essential oils to the surface, so super handy for lots of different uses.  Here's a little tip, try our Festive Blend dropped onto a Ceramic Star for Christmas - pretty spicy!


In the words of Rock and Soul Essential, "Wear Your Vibe"... Aromatherapy Jewellery is a fab & personal way to diffuse your oils.  Diffuser Jewellery usually has a lava stone component or a felt component where you drop your essential oils for the bonus of releasing the fragrance close to your body...and with style.

And that's probably why I LOVE me a diffuser necklace...style and aromatherapy in one.  Perfection.  But, also there really is something lovely about wearing your oils close to your body - there's no worry of topical use but all the brilliance of aromatherapy.

And as you may know, Emily from Rock & Soul Essential and myself here at Mood Oils have collaborated to bring you a super cool, diffuser necklace so that you can style up your essential oils all day, every day.  Go shop it here!

Happy Diffusing..