Aromatherapy Wellness for less than £31 this Christmas

Aromatherapy Wellness for less than £31 this Christmas

Merry Merry Christmas!

It's true - Selfcare Rituals can be a bit of a faff and sometimes a little expensive.  I like to think of wellness as something that can have tiny upgrades which over time have a huge impact.  Going to bed 15 minutes earlier, turning your phone off once a day, adding a multivitamin in, increasing your daily steps by 1000 - all small things that may not seem to have much impact but start the wheels of wellness turning.

And aromatherapy is such a great upgrade to bring in to your life - or to someone else's.  If you know someone who would benefit from a tiny selfcare upgrade then look no further as we have a range of products for under £31 that will all help upgrade the day to day life of the person you love.

Daily Mood Aromatherapy Oils, £31

All our Mood Aromatherapy Oils are easy to use and faff free.  Simply add a drop of the mood oil into your palms and inhale for a hit of essential oil goodness and all the therapeutic benefits! They work well as a natural fragrance, hair oil, cuticle oil, hand oil, shower drops - making the perfect tiny wellness upgrade gift!

Peace & Love Crystal Bath Oil, £25

WE love gorgeous bath oils...and yet we also know people don't love to buy bath oils for themselves. Our crystal aromatherapy bath oil is the gifting dream and we can guarantee all people love to receive it, making this the perfect bath oil gift for women & men.  It's a luxury bath oil, it's thoughtful and it also gives people the chance to hit Relax and Zone out - especially when our bath oil contains Lavender, patchouli, bergamot Essential Oils with a Rose Quartz infusion.

Crystal Roller Ball Necklace £25

The ideal gift for our aromatherapy jewellery lovers and those who love a little mystic style.  The aromatherapy necklace has a hidden vial for storing essential oils and blends so the wearer can have quick easy access to their essential oils for a quick roll on whenever they need - a wonderful gift to receive.

A Trio of Essential Oil Superheroes £28

The perfect essential oil starter kit for wellness and journeying into aromatherapy.  It's a great gift for people who are looking to add a few essential oils into their burners and diffusers or who may want to make their own aromatherapy products - or simply use essential oils as part of their wellness lifestyle.


So this Christmas - give the gift of wellness and know it doesn't have to be too tricky or too costly...