A Simple Vegan Skincare Switch

A Simple Vegan Skincare Switch

Okay, I'm not here to ask everyone to throw away all their skin care products and replace them with Vegan alternatives - buuuut I am here to let you know the odd beauty and skin product switch up ain't as hard as you might think - particularly when we've got an all rounder vegan super product....

Drum Roll.....

...The Daily Mood Oil!  It's our superstar, top selling aromatherapy product..why? Probably because it is so versatile and pretty unique.  Each Daily Mood Oil contains skin loving coconut oil and a concentrated blend of pure essential oils all chosen for their scent and therapeutic benefit.  The other little secret weapon in each bottle is the absolute goddess of gorgeous skin - top antioxidant Vitamin E.

Together these plant based skin saviours come together to create a super versatile skin product - heres 4 ways to switch it into your skincare!

1 - Bring it in as your new Cuticle oil, not only does it give incredible moisture but it also leaves a light mood boosting fragrance behind. Winner...

2 - Looking for a Vegan Perfume? Try using our naturally scented Daily Aromatherapy Mood Oil on your pulse points for lush easy fragrance

3 - Swap out heavy hair products by using a small amount of Daily Aromatherapy Mood Oil on dry split ends, consider using it as a scalp moisturiser or use it to smooth those flyaways. Fragrance included.  Your Welcome.

4 - Winter got you in need of some skin moisture?  Lock some moisture into dry elbows and knees with a pipette of Daily Aromatherapy Mood Oil, nothing but easy feeling skin here!

And if you've been wondering why going Vegan with your skincare is a good thing then know that using high quality natural products on your NATURAL skin...is a no brainer.  The products aren't laden with parabens or sulphates that your skin has to figure out - (which often causes blocked pores and irritation) - they are simply rich in good planty loveliness.

Don't overthink it - just know that our Daily Aromatherapy Mood Oils are a nice simple Vegan Skincare Swap....that happens to be gorgeous smelling, skin loving and very very well dressed.......Happy Days

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