3 Ways to Wear Your Essential Oils

Woman with Essential Oil crystal necklace
Keep it simple and stylish with these 3 quick ways to enjoy your essential oils on a daily basis 

Some days it’s just nice to keep it simple and find love in your essential oils without any timely routines, stress or equipment...

Here are my go to ways to wear your essential oils for quick and easy aromatherapy on the go

🌸 Lava stone jewellery not only “rocks” all the boho feels but is a great way to diffuse your essential oils meaning you get super scent, super mood boost and super style all in one..wins! Check out our aromatherapy diffuser necklace made in collaboration with Rock & Soul Essential

🌸 Aromatherapy Rollerball Necklaces... If you need more than a drop of essential oil to kick off your day then grab one of our roller ball necklaces, simply fill with our Daily Mood Oils and roll on for an aromatherapy moodbooster moment throughout your day!

🌸 Scrunchies and Hair Ties - just a few drops of sssential oil on the end of your hair tie gives an all day breezy fresh fragrance to your outfit- think lavender essential oil for calm, orange essential oil for uplift and rosemary essential oil for focus! Check out Crystal Clear Rock Shop for gorgeous scrunchies, hair ties and scarves for added swoon

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