Workshop: Soulful Blending at 09 Jul 22 18:30 BST

Workshop: Soulful Blending at 09 Jul 22 18:30 BST

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Join our Founder, Rachael Holgate in this soulful aromatherapy workshop where you get to learn and make under the guidance of Rachael.

“This is my favourite workshop to lead; participants receive a mystery box of un-labelled essential oils & empty rollette bottles prior to the workshop and then together we open the essential oils, noting our responses to each scent and tuning in to what we are drawn to. Choosing oils “blindly” allows us a true heartfelt response to scent so we can create blends based on what our soul wants – rather than what we think we want! It’s such a fun way to play with essential oils and question what you know!”

The Soulful Blending Workshop is a 90-minute online session; Rachael will guide participants from the start, exploring soulful selfcare ideas & informally sharing her essential oil knowledge and blending tips as everyone creates their own wearable soulful blends together – all from the comfort of their own homes.

Prior to the session you will receive a Mood Oils Mystery Box with the following contents:

*6 Un-labelled Essential Oils, 5ml

*3 Empty Rollette Bottles, 10ml

*Carrier Oil *Blending Kit

-PLEASE NOTE- Postage and Packaging will still apply as a physical product is being sent, expected to arrive w/c 4 July 2022

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