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Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms: The FOUR oils that could help you beat a bad mood. ( Read the full Article Here)

Suffering with the Winter Blues is quite literally – a downer.  Think low mood, depression, lack of energy, lack of focus, insomnia and irritability….they are all up there in the SAD symptom database and for some people it can quite literally throw their world out of sync. Every. Single. Year.

Now – if you have consulted your GP or your medical practitioner and are looking for an extra way to throw yourself some selflove through your winter blues suffering then take a look at some of these ideas on how you might use essential oils to help lift your mood, improve your focus & calm your anxieties.

Bergamot Essential Oil – an all-round mood booster.

It is the citrus superhero and is often used in aromatherapy to boost mood, to level out blends and is commonly used in the holistic treatment of depression.  It’s also thought to help the brain release serotonin, the happy hormone – which is thought to be lower for people suffering with SAD.  A gorgeous fragrance with mood boosting attributes…aromatherapy gold!

  • Try adding 6-8 drops of Bergamot Essential Oil to your diffuser or oil burner to help release the citrus fragrance allowing you to inhale this uplifting oil

Patchouli Essential Oil – a meditative & happy healing oil

I’m not sure I can ever get through a blog without talking about our favourite oil – Patchouli.. people either Love it or Loathe it.  It has a woody, resinous yet floral fragrance and is often referred to as the ‘hippy oil’ because it was so commonly used in meditation practice – when y’know, meditation wasn’t a modern thing….

Overall, it is a great oil to help lift the mood and like Bergamot is thought to calm the nervous system and help release serotonin giving those happy vibes a helping hand.

  • Try taking a mindful inhale of our Gr-Attitude Oil from your palms to help calm the nervous system and lift the spirits, the blend of patchouli essential oils is designed to support the balance of our mood.

Rose Essential Oil – the goddess of essential oils

Rose Oil has long been associated with feminine energy and reducing stress.  The natural calming scent is thought to aid depression and soothe the nervous system to help calm irritability – the gorgeous floral scent is enough to boost my mood on any given day.

  • Embrace some selflove and opt for a rose based bath oil or body lotion to mindfully restore your senses, calm your body and ease your tension.

Lavender – Sleep, Anxiety and a bit of a sedative….

For those struggling with sleep, the go to oil, Lavender is your top choice.  With SAD, people can often struggle with insomnia and energy levels so making sure your sleepcare is high on the agenda is key.  Lavender Oil is still believed to help reduce anxieties, calm the nervous system and help relax the body into sleep state, perfect for those wrestling with the nighttime.

Try a Lavender Essential Oil Pillow Spray or drop some Lavender Essential Oil onto your duvet to allow the scent to help you drift off on those nights when you’re struggling.  Combine it with a Lavender, Rose or Clary Sage blended bath oil before bed…and fingers crossed you’ll be heading off to an easy slumb
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