The Perfect Aromatherapy Blend for a Cold

A bottle of an aromatherapy blend for colds

Is there anything as refreshing as a walk in the woods?  

There is no denying that nature makes us feel so good, be it sunsets, sunlight, moonlight, fresh clean air, sounds of the forest, island gives us a sense of safety, reassurance and connection.  

After a walk we can leave our stress elsewhere, think more clearly and boost our mood. And last year - we really did feel that one hour of fresh air and what it could do for our soul!

For me, a walk in the woods leaves me feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, energised and calm.  The woodiness & greenery helps me calm and ground like nothing else (okay - apart from the sea & sunsets)...

So it was inevitable that I would create 'Into the Wild' - a Daily Mood Aromatherapy Oil that blends Cedarwood, Vetiver, Pine, Fir and Eucalyptus essential oils to create a fresh, invigorating earthy healing oil.

Now I know you all love using the Daily Mood Oil Collection as natural perfume...but this's a little different. 

The Aromatherapy blend is great for colds - the invigorating essential oils may help relieve sinus pain and reduce inflammation in the nose meaning you get to feel less stuffy.  Use the aromatherapy blend as an inhalation oil, or chest oil if you're feeling in need of cold and cough healing.   It is also a great aromatherapy blend for grounding the mind before a meditation or Yin Yoga practice when used as an inhalation oil or pulse point oil

TOP TIP: Apply it to the chest before stepping into a steamy shower. 

The Plant Power that makes this Aromatherapy Daily Mood Oil include Siberian Fir, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Pine and Vetiver and they come together like a woody hit of fresh air...

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